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SE-ALL (The Software Engineering for All Lab) is a research lab focused on investigating various aspects of equity, diversity, and inclusion in software engineering, computer science, and related fields.

Technology plays a crucial role in people’s lives, influencing several aspects of modern society, such as work, education, politics, and leisure. In this context, software engineering is concerned with applying knowledge to create technologies and improve the quality of life in our society.  Our society is highly diverse; therefore, equity, diversity, and inclusion need to be central aspects of software engineering so that technologies will provide fair experiences to all.


EDI is a complex phenomenon focused on developing approaches for providing equal opportunity for individuals (equity) while recognizing their personal, social, and cultural differences (diversity) and encouraging them to participate in spaces and debates (inclusion). Recent studies demonstrate that if software engineering does not strive to be inclusive, diverse, and equalitarian in all its facets (i.e., education, research, and industry), the risk of harming people (i.e., students, researchers, professionals, and software users) will be exceptionally high.


At SE-ALL, we understand this risk. This is why we are making efforts to produce relevant research and deliver the following:

  • Theories and models that explain equity, diversity, and inclusion in several contexts of software engineering.

  • Policy recommendations for promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the software industry at different levels and support for software companies in improving their processes.

  • Techniques to be applied to improve computational algorithms to avoid biased outputs that discriminate or exclude users.

  • Analysis of the impact of diversity on software products (e.g., algorithms and system efficacy, performance, and quality).

  • Strategies on how to support students from equity-deserving groups in technology courses.

  • Several collaboration opportunities with research groups around the world.​

Contact Dr. Ronnie de Souza Santos to discuss research and collaborations!

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